About Us

Where did it all start ?

We were four final mechanical engineering students with diverse backgrounds who came together to work on their final year capstone project. The initial plan was to only design a conceptual prototype for a low cost AUV under the supervision of Dr Ting Zou, Assistant Professor at MUN. As we researched more about AUVs and their operations, we soon realised that our design could definitely be modified to enter the annual RoboSub competition.

The main reasons why we would like to enter the RoboSub:

  • We wish to learn as much as we can, and are certain that working on this competition would provide us with challenging experiences.

  • Representing MUN in an International competition is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • It's lot more interesting to create a physical prototype in comparison to only working on a conceptual design.

  • Competing in this competition means that it would lead to addition of another engineering student group at MUN (& we are all in support with it).

  • Most importantly: It's so much FUN!!!

Who are we?

We are a student group of 33 active members who have come together to learn, grow, and develop our technical and collaboration skills.

As of now, we are fortunate to have experts in Robotics and Underwater Vehicles Development Technology to supervise and mentor us throughout the course of this journey.

Our Supervisor: Dr Ting Zou

Dr Zou is an Assistant Professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her research falls into the realm of mechanism design of bio-inspired robots that can pass complicated mechanical structures and avoid large obstacles, nonlinear control of single and multiple robots; sensing fusion and state estimation of mechatronic systems.

Learn more about Professor Zou here.

Supported by

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Kyle Doody (MEng), Student Hub at FEAS

Mentored by Dr Ting Zou and Greg Walsh, PEng

Team Leads

Electrical Lead

5th-year Mechanical Engineering Student (Mechatronics)

Project Manager/Computer Vision Lead

5th-year Mechanical Engineering Student (Mechatronics)

Mechanical Lead

5th-year Mechanical Engineering Student (Materials)

Software Lead

5th-year Mechanical Engineering Student (Fluids & Mechatronics)

Meet the team

Electrical Subsystem Team

Software Subsystem Team

Mechanical Subsystem Team