IMPORTANT: We are currently recruiting volunteers for competing in the RoboSub 2022 Competition. Join our Slack group here, to learn more!

NEWS: We are pleased to inform that our engineering group has grown from only 4 members in Sep 2021 to 33 members as of Oct 29! We look forward to collaborating with the new members to work on our mission of representing MUN at the 2022 - RoboSub Competition!

About MUN RoboSub

MUN RoboSub is an engineering student group at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). The group is comprised of engineering students with diverse backgrounds working on bringing a concept to reality. Designing an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to represent MUN in the RoboSub AUV International Competition, held from July 29 - Aug 3 at the College Park, Maryland, USA.

What is an AUV?

AUVs are unmanned underwater systems intelligent enough to perform sub-sea navigation and other purpose-specific operations. Major applications include commercial, research and military, and operations include ocean mapping and survey, underwater asset inspection in oil & gas etc.

At a low level of analysis, the AUV integrates a variety of sensors combined with a means of propulsion(hardware), control(software) and a power supply, which translates to how long the vehicle can be operational.

Figure (on the right) shows the classic Remus AUV developed by Hydroid as an example.
Classic Remus AUV developed by Hydroid

What is RoboSub Competition?

RoboSub is an international student competition. Student teams from around the world design and build robotic submarines, otherwise known as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). The behaviors demonstrated by these experimental AUVs mimics those of real-world systems, currently deployed around the world for underwater exploration, seafloor mapping, and sonar localization, amongst many others.

Learn more about RoboSub on their official website here.

Want to see what tasks our AUV will be tackling? Check this PDF out!

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Memorial University of Newfoundland

Student Design Hub at Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Mentored by: Dr Ting Zou and Greg Walsh, PEng