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This is the eligibility criteria:

  • You're a student at Memorial University

  • You're not afraid to ask questions

  • You're responsible and hardworking

  • A 3-hr/week ( at minimum ) commitment including the weekly team meetings

We use a Slack group for internal communication. You can create a free Slack account using your mun email address. Download the Slack mobile app now!

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Do you need any prior experience to join? Not at all, we are looking for hardworking and curious juniors who want to gain exposure to and understanding for design (in terms of mechanical/electrical), project management and coding or even administration.

Some of the things you could work on (Current Postings for Volunteers):

Structural: Internal and External Hull Design and Manufacturing

  • Will assist in the manufacturing processes for the various components that the team has decided to manufacture through novel methods such as 3D printing, milling and cutting or welding etc. Includes creation of parts from solidworks drawings where necessary

  • Responsible for the design of the configuration of the components and how they will be placed inside the cylinder

  • Will look at ways to incorporate fin in the design.

Electrical: PCB design and manufacturing x2

  • Based on the required electrical equipment, you would be involved in the design and manufacturing of the PCB required. Will include the soldering of components

  • Power Management System

➢ Voltage/Current Sensing

➢ Heat sensing/Dissipation

Software: Social Media and Website Development

  • Will be required to make regular updates to website and uploads to youtube of content and updates on project progress

Fluids: Fluids and Fin Analysis

  • Will model the fluid interaction on the AUV. Will also seek to optimize the fin design to maximize the maneuverability

Mechatronics: Controls Algorithm development (x2)

  • Will be responsible for the algorithm that will be used to control the AUV. Will be based on the tasks that are to be completed for the RoboSub 2022 competition

Upcoming Milestones

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart - RoboAUV - WT & T8 Plan

Upcoming Meetings

Weekly Meetings

Our weekly meetings are held in person at EN4002 on Wednesdays from 7.30 to 8.30pm. Drop by to see us and learn more about the competition.

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Student Design Hub Presentation

In this series organized by the Student Design Hub, we'll give a presentation about our team, and you can get a chance to ask us questions one-on-one.

Join us on 29 Sep, 2021 from 5-6 pm at EN4006!

email us: for location info